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Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful

Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful is a vibrant organization that works with the community to host cleanings, plantings, and recreational, cultural, and educational activities that help restore Coyote Creek. 

Their mission is to bring back the clean waters, abundant wildlife, and natural beauty of the creek. Community engagement and advocacy to protect our environment are encouraged through all of their events. 

In 2019 the organization and its volunteers were responsible for clearing 25 tons of trash that would have otherwise ended up in the San Francisco Bay and been harmful to marine wildlife. Their restoration efforts allowed volunteers to remove invasive species and plant new native shrubs. 

In addition, their recreational, cultural, and educational activities sparked social engagement and allowed the community to interact with each other while learning about Coyote Creek. 

Over the past month Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful has hosted a variety of Creek cleanup events at various locations in and around San Jose. CommUniverCity partnered with the organization to host a creek cleanup event at Selma Olinder Dog Park in mid-September. 

Volunteers pre-registered for the event and upon arrival, were given an orange safety vest, a trash bag, and a trash picker. The volunteers worked together in teams with their friends or family to collect as much trash as they could. Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful also gives volunteers and supporters an opportunity to further donate by purchasing merchandise. 

The volunteers included many children and families who decided to spend their Saturday morning giving back to the community. Nearly 70 volunteers were able to fill 80 bags of trash throughout the event. This trash included cigarette butts, knives, fences, ladders, propane tanks, cabinets, baseball bats, and other harmful waste. 

The event had an incredible turnout as the community went above and beyond to work together to clear 2.41 tons of trash out of the creek. Both Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful and CommUniverCity are grateful for their dedication and efforts toward restoring our environment. 

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