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Geology Rocks!

Geology Rocks is a project that CommUniverCity hosts throughout our local elementary schools including Grant, Lowell, and McKinley Elementary. The project’s purpose is to introduce K-8th grade students to STEM-based activities that are hands-on and fun. These activities focus on Geology and learning about the earth’s systems and formations like volcanoes and glaciers. 

Last week CommUniverCity hosted three geology rocks presentations at the elementary schools. There were 125 students that attended across Grant and Lowell Elementary. The kids were broken into different groups based on their grades and rotated between the stations created and set up by San Jose State University students. Professor LeAnne Teruya teaches a geology course at SJSU and has been working with CommUniverCity to bring these interactive lessons to the University’s local elementary schools. Her students worked together in teams to choose a topic, create a visually informative trifold, and conduct a supplementary hands-on activity for the kids. 

One of the groups made a volcano model that was triggered by Alka-Seltzer tablets and caused an eruption that captivated the elementary students. Another group brought an ice cube demonstration to show how pressure affects glaciers. Groups also included fun prizes for the kids like marshmallows and cartoon stickers that kept the kids engaged and interested in the presentations. There were also informative presentations about earthquakes and water safety. 

The kids loved the presentations so much that when the time was up they immediately wanted to know when we would come back. Over 75% of the students said that they really enjoyed all the demonstrations and are more interested in science because of them. In addition over 90% of them said they wanted to participate in more stem-based activities like geology rocks. 

CommUniverCity is grateful to all the SJSU students and elementary schools for participating and allowing us to learn how much Geology Rocks!

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