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A Partnership between San José State University, the City, and the Community
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Our Mission. ENGAGE. We are a unique partnership between San José State University (SJSU), the City and the community of central San José.
Vietnamese 🇻🇳 | Spanish 🇪🇸

Projects. LEARN. Our staff, SJSU faculty, and students bring programs for our K-12th grade students and their families.
Community Leadership | Business | Nutrition | English | STEM

Service Learning. BUILD. The result is a stronger community, with adults aiming at leadership and kids aiming at college. It is a cycle of progress where you can make the difference.
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Latest Posts

  • Guadalupe River Park and Gardens Assessment
    Written by the Spring 2022 SJSU URBP295 Students. Lecturers: Rick Kos and Ahoura Zandiatashbar. Spring 2022 SJSU URBP295 students take a group photo underneath the San Jose State University sign on San Salvador St. Located a few blocks west of Downtown San José, the Guadalupe River Park rests along the banks of the Guadalupe River […]


Student Jobs
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Viva Calle
Next Viva Calle San José will be on June 12 (Sunday), 10AM - 3PM, Scroll down to see the street route and details!

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Project: Growing Sustainably> Virtual Tour to Kelly Park,

Spring 2022

Project: Young Entrepreneurs for Success > Jake (15-minute Minecraft animation movie with interactive grammar, and subtitles in Spanish), Spring 2022

Project: Young Entrepreneurs for Success > eLearning during the Pandemic: Lessons from Uncertainty (30-minute documentary), Spring 2022

Project: Young Entrepreneurs for Success > Managing a Team and the Impact in the Classroom (16-minute lesson and interviews), Spring 2022

Project: Geology Rocks! > The Rock Cycle Tutorial,

Spring 2022

Project: Geology Rocks! > Under Pressure

Spring 2022

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