Grand Opening of The Hub

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On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, San José State Urban Planning students held their first meeting of the open urban planning studio “The Hub” (“el Centro”) with Greater Washington community leaders. To prepare for this session, students reviewed previous community plans, and presented their findings to the community.

Community leaders were eager to share their thoughts. Community members elaborated on contentious issues described in the plans, explaining to the students how plan-level description translated to the ground-level details. Some of the key issues were:

  • Upcoming one-way street conversions
  • Liquor stores
  • Pedestrian safety, especially for local children

The meeting was a great opportunity for students to get a sense of neighborhood planning and action. On September 18th, community members will return to help map some of the assets and challenges in the neighborhood. The semester is off to a promising start! Stay tuned for updates, and share the open urban planning studio with the Greater Washington community:


Greg Currey, Project Coordinator & Yan Yin Choy, Communications Director

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