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Steering Committee Year in Review of 2012-2013

On September 6, 2013, we held our first fall Steering Committee meeting, where we welcomed Joan Rivas-Cosby as Chair, Norberto Dueñas as Vice-Chair, renewed the membership of Sami Monsur and Matt Huerta, and confirmed new members: Kathy Sutherland, Dennis Jaehne, Fernanda Perdomo Karp, Christine Nguyen, Samantha Carr, and Karen Hernandez. For a complete list of Steering Committee members serving 2013-2014, visit this page.

Our Executive Director Dayana Salazar presented highlights from 2012-2013 and our accomplishments since 2005 with the video, “A Taste of CommUniverCity San José,” which was produced by Laura Lua Alvarez.

Garden to Table Executive Director Zach Lewis and CommUniverCity were also featured in San José State University’s Acceleration campaign:

Dayana Salazar also presented and led discussion of CommUniverCity’s Strategic Roadmap. Imelda Rodriguez, our Community Director, gave an overview of our Strategic Plan and Strategic Plan Implementation Matrix. To view the documents from the Steering Committee meeting, please visit this page.

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CommUniverCity San Jose Infographic - By the Numbers 2005-2013

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