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S.U.N. Sustainability Fair – Spring 2023

Last weekend CommUniverCity hosted its annual Sustainability Fair in partnership with the South University Neighborhood Association. The event was held at O’Donnell Park, a couple of blocks from San Jose State University’s campus. This event is the second fair-styled event held by CommUniverCity at the park post-pandemic. Our goal was to bring the community together in a fun and engaging way to commemorate Earth Day and learn more about protecting our planet. Some of CommUniverCity’s Partners were also present at the event including Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful and Beautify San Jose. 

Both of these organizations do incredible work with environmental protection and restoration in San Jose. Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful focuses its efforts on Coyote Creek and commits to maintaining clean water, abundant wildlife, and natural beauty for the community to enjoy. Beautify San Jose’s main goal is to restore and clean up the San Jose community for a more vibrant city. Other environmental organizations at the event include San Jose Micro Farm, San Jose Office Emergency Management, Open Space Authority, Garden to Table Silicon Valley, and the Campus Community Garden. Each organization created and conducted fun games and educational opportunities for all park visitors. These opportunities included learning how to grow microgreens, seed planting, birdhouse making, and more!

The South University Neighborhood Association also provided free refreshments for all community members and visitors that attended the fair. There were also interactive exhibits for all the kids that attended. This included a life-size corpse flower where visitors could put their wishes for the environment in it. 

The Brenda Lopez Folkorico Group performed traditional folkloria dances which displayed a beautiful and vibrant expression of Mexican culture. The energetic performances featured traditional dresses that incorporated colorful and intricate designs further reflecting their rich heritage. The dances conveyed emotions and stories and represented different parts of Mexico. The lively music was infectious as the crowd cheered and clapped for the performers. 

CommUniverCity would like to thank all of the tablers that came out to teach our community about the environmental work that their organizations do. This event would not have been possible without them. We would also like to thank the South University Neighborhood Association for all of their help in hosting and running this event. Lastly, a shout-out to the Brenda Folklorico dancers and the community for showing up and participating in the event!

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