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Delmas Park and CommUniverCity Partnership

Featured Image - Students taking a survey
Author: Nicole Guzman

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Delmas Park Neighborhood Association and CommUniverCity. One of our annual projects involves conducting a neighborhood satisfaction survey, and our focus area for this year is Delmas Park.

On September 23, San José State University students from multiple departments, Political Science, Global Studies, Urban Planning, and Journalism and Mass Communications, canvassed the Delmas Park Neighborhood and conducted neighborhood satisfaction surveys. The neighborhood satisfaction survey allows us to gather resident feedback about the positive changes they would like to see in Delmas Park.

The data collected from each survey will be incorporated within a Community Assessment Report that will highlight community needs and priorities.

During the week of Survey Day, “Save the Date” postcards were sent to over 700 homes within the neighborhood as a way to get residents excited about participating in Survey Day.

Our headquarters for the day was the Children’s Discovery Museum. Their Amphitheater space was adjacent to the Delmas Park Neighborhood, and served as a convening place but also a rest stop throughout the day for students.

Andrew Tubbs’ (President of the Delmas Park Neighborhood Association) speech energized students to conduct surveys and reminded them that the work they were doing was important to the Delmas Park community. The Delmas Park Neighborhood Association is looking forward to using the final report as a tool to help them achieve future planning priorities for their community.

Andrew was also impressed by the students’ efforts and their “earnest optimism” to complete surveys.


Students visited over 400 homes, resulting in 101 surveys. We heard local residents on the street yell out “Great job out there today!”

Next steps include analyzing the survey data, creating written reports, and graphics for the Community Assessment report. Survey Day results will be presented at an Open House on December 5. The location of the Open House will be at the Children’s Discovery Museum from 6-8 p.m.


A special thank you to:

Children’s Discovery Museum Staff: Jessica Torres, Patricia Narcisco

Delmas Park Neighborhood Association: Andrew Tubbs, Sarah Weaver, Bert Weaver

Faculty: Professor Richard Kos, Dr. Kevin Fang, Dr. Kerry Rohrmeier, Dr. Mary Currin-Percival, Dr. Zongchao Cathy Li

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