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Backesto Park Hosts the 9th Annual Luna Park Chalk Art Festival

Author: Nicole Guzman

29488625250_5427c1931f_kWhen you imagine spending your Saturday afternoon, what do you envision? Perhaps you see yourself surrounded by friendly faces, hearing live music, and admiring sidewalks that have been turned into vibrant chalk art. Luckily, the Luna Park Chalk Art Festival exists!

This festival is possible through the Luna Parks Arts Foundation and their staff of volunteers.

The Luna Park Chalk Art Festival project began in 2008, and celebrated their 9th year anniversary this year in Backesto Park.

The festival in some way is a means of reviving and celebrating this historical park’s legacy by once again bringing families from all over California to this beautiful park in San Jose.” -History of Luna Park Arts Foundation

29697932731_d2eabb8eb4_kAside from the local families and non-profit organizations in the neighborhood that attended this year, the group of attendees were very diverse. We even met festival goers from different countries such as Israel and China!  This festival is a culmination of the hard work from volunteers that provided opportunities for the local community to learn about chalk art. For example, the Luna Park Arts Foundation hosted pre-festival chalk art workshops at different local schools, libraries, and parks throughout the year. All proceeds from this event will be allocated to local K-12 arts programs, non-profit youth programs, and provide financial support for local artists.

A range of the artists at this year’s festival have been participating in this event for the past few years, while for other artists it was their first year participating in the event. Other festival goers raved about how popular this event is, and that it is a great way to provide public space for chalk art.














This festival was also a great opportunity for CommUniverCity to share our current projects that will have an impact on the Northside Community. For instance, we wanted to get the word out about the Northside Neighborhood Survey, College Day, and Safe & Green Halloween. If you are interested in finding out more about these events, visit our events page.

29153096654_ee05ac979b_kOverall, this festival is a great example of what can happen when the entire community comes together to celebrate education, food, music, and art.

If you have any inquiries about this event, send an email to For additional information please visit the Luna Park Arts website.





Supporters and partners of Luna Park Arts Foundation:

PremierOne Credit Union

Trader Joe’s

North Cal Flooring

Tropicana Foods

Applied Materials

Art4Moore Foundation

City of San Jose City Government Silicon Valley Creates Luna Park Business Association

Northside Neighborhood Association

Northside Advisory Committee

Horace Mann

Neighborhood Association


Luke’s Organic


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