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Friends of Five Wounds Trail Spring Clean Up: A Success!

Terry Christensen

Friends of Five Wounds Trail, a program of CommUniverCity San José, advocates for the construction of a trail that is currently an existing railroad right of way. This recreational trail will add more natural beauty to our neighborhoods, provide greener alternate transportation routes, and connect to an already existing trail network in San José!

This month Friends of Five Wounds Trail held a trail cleanup, and Terry Christensen, Professor Emiretus at San José State and leader of the Friends of Five Wounds reports:


Friends of Five Wounds Trail,

We completed our 11th clean up of the trail on Saturday with 41 volunteers participating, including neighborhood residents, SJSU and West Valley College students, the Downtown Streets Team and friends from Healthy Creeks/Healthy Communities, Friends of Three Creeks Trail, and staff from Senator Jim Beall’s office.

We collected a total of 20 cubic yards of trash and green waste (15 cubic yards of trash–down from 24 cubic yards last fall–and 5 cubic yards of green waste–from our ace pruning team).

Monica & Crew_FriendsofFivewounds

Special thanks to Paul Pereira from Sam Liccardo’s office.  Paul brought news that the proposed city budget includes a set-aside of $250,000 for future expenditure on the trail (!!!) and $100,000 for CommUniverCity, our mother organization,  Paul also brought a city truck and hauled away all 20 cubic yards of trash and green waste — so we don’t have to rely on the erratic VTA contractors and so it wasn’t sitting around over the Cinco de Mayo weekend.

Further special thanks to Taqueria Lorena’s for providing a tasty hot lunch for all the volunteers.  Thanks Lorena and Ralph! You can see more photos in the new album on our Facebook page. Congrats to all the volunteers and thanks again to Paul and Taqueria Lorena’s.

-Terry Christensen

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