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Local Businesses Support Sustainability Fair

Here at CommUniverCity, we are more than excited about the upcoming Sustainability Fair this April 12th at the Brenda Lopez Plaza in the Greater Washington Neighborhood of San José. Along with a packed agenda of kids games, smoothie making, and Zumba and Folklorico performances, we are ecstatic to share some of our community partners’ insights into how to live a more healthy and sustainable life. In the process of organizing this event, we have generously been supported by many of the local businesses in the Washington neighborhood who have offered to help spread the word about the upcoming Sustainability Fair and donate prizes to be raffled off to our participating guests.

The generous support of community businesses in this neighborhood provides an opportune time to highlight the important piece that local merchants play in the sustainability equation. While we all know about some of the fundamentals of health and sustainability, such as incorporating more fruits and vegetables into one’s diet, did you know that supporting local restaurants helps support a strong local economy and a regional food system?  A recent SPUR report, “Locally Nourished,” highlights the fact that the revenue from locally owned restaurants is more likely to stay within the local economy.  In fact, these restaurants have a 27 to 30 percent greater positive economic impact on the local economy than a chain owned restaurant, SPUR reports.

This is just an example of one of the many sustainability tidbits we are excited to share with you at the Sustainability Fair this Saturday, April 12th from 1-5pm at Brenda Lopez Plaza.  Take a moment to look at the photos of some of the local business owners and employees of the Greater Washington Neighborhood in San José who have taken the time to support the Sustainability Fair.

Photo Credit: Lan Ngo

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