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TECH EXPO ’13: SJ High School students getting their “Science and Engineering On”

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San Jose High School(SJHS) students enjoyed learning about “Drag” and other physics & engineering concepts from SJSU Aerospace engineering students. CommUniverCity Science and Engineering in Action team, SJSU Professor Nikos Mourtos. SJHS Assistant Principal Christina Castro, and Chemistry teacher, Mr. Paul Durdle, collaborated in bringing SJSU service learning students to expose SJ high school students to science and engineering demonstrations. The high school students got to visit the Tech Expo throughout the school day. Some of the experiments the high school students really liked were the “Aerodynamics of a Golf ball”, “The Water Tunnel” and “Drag Race”demonstrations. Through exposure to science and engineering, more high school students have peaked interest in those fields as a possible major when they go to college.This program was a partnership between CommUniverCity San José, San José State University, and San Jose High School. To learn more about CommUniverCity’s other service learning programs, check out the programs listed on our website and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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