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students standing around a table with voting materials on it

* This project is currently not active for Fall 2017

Get Out The Vote (GOTV) aims to increase voter participation and awareness in neighborhoods surrounding San José State University, which traditionally have low voter turn-out rates. This year’s GOTV project focused on mobilizing community members to vote in the 2016 elections by increasing awareness of nearby polling stations, stressing the importance of voting, and providing information on voter registration eligibility. The SJSU students partnered with the SJSU chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, a national political science honor society, to hold debate viewing parties and PACT at the Initiative Forum event to help college students conduct voter education and register voters. Children were also educated about voting through a fun and interactive mock election. The SJSU students also held an election eve mobilization project to direct residents to their nearest polling stations.

By the Numbers | 2016-17

34 SJSU students engaged

190 residents engaged

163 hours of service

$3,934 value

Project Impact

25 voters registered in the SUN neighborhood

Get Out the Vote worked with a non-profit that supports very low-income families to provide registration and information on propositions to parents in attendance

25 children had the experience of voting and were encouraged to talk to their parents about voting

Families at the Halloween social focused on teaching children what the process of voting is like and to encourage parents to vote if they were already registered

Community Stories

“Loved the voting booth-such a cute idea!”

–Mary, local resident and parent

“The goal was to create a voting game for kids to play [that would simulate] what it’s like to go through an election. We wanted to instill in them the idea that voting can be fun and get them to talk to their parents about voting.”

–Matt, SJSU political science student