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Engineering in Action engages young students with the world of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). SJSU engineering students presented interactive demonstrations that show the importance and relevance of STEM concepts, how they can be applied to everyday life and how youth can be involved. SJSU engineering students presented on topics ranging from mechanical properties to magnetism. Engineering is a difficult major and some students can be discouraged by the hard work it requires. Through this partnership, SJSU engineering students had the experience of seeing children learn and enjoy the hands-on activities they created. The elementary school students gained an appreciation for how to apply math and science concepts in the real world.

By the Numbers | 2016-17

288 SJSU students engaged

1,156 residents engaged

1,231 hours of service

$29,716 value

Project Impact

  • 65% of the 300 elementary school participants indicated that what they learned made them more interested in science and engineering concepts in school
  • Elementary school students in after-school programs were exposed to engineering concepts focused on the various properties of materials
  • 68% of comments mentioned activities illustrating magnetic forces, diffusion, and tensile strength by name
  • 72% of students are liked the engineering activities presented to them

Community Voices

“I learned that wires make electricity move and that magnets are very powerful, a spark
can make so much more electricity then you think.”
–4th grade student

“I learned that engineering is cool and amazing. I also learned about magnets and
–3rd grade student at Lowell Elementary

“I like that I always walk out learning something [when SJSU students come].”
–3rd grade student at Lowell Elementary