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Writing Partners takes place every semester and involves SJSU students pairing up with one or more students from Anne Darling Elementary School. Over the course of the semester, the students write letters to each other to enhance writing, reading and interpersonal skills. University students practiced writing for a young audience, paying attention to word choice, grammar and spelling, and setting a good example for the children. They helped the students with interpersonal issues, questions about college, and promoting a college-going mindset. At the end of the semester, the Writing Partners met each other in person at the San José State campus or their elementary school. The SJSU students took their partners on a tour of their favorite places on campus. The young children learn about the best parts of the college experience from SJSU students who have just entered college. SJSU librarians took the children on a tour of the university’s library and showed them secret bookcases and art installations. By the end of the tour, the Anne Darling students were so excited about the campus that they couldn’t wait to come back to SJSU. Writing Partners is about helping students practice their writing skills in a way that exposes them to a college environment.

By the Numbers | 2016-17

30 SJSU students engaged

58 residents engaged

167 hours of service

$4,031 value

Project Impact

  • 58 Anne Darling Elementary School students learned the importance of writing, were exposed to college environments, and improved their writing and interpersonal skills
  • 30 SJSU students learned to proofread letters and write for a younger audience
  • 86% of Anne Darling students felt like they are on the path to college
  • 89% of participants thought Writing Partners helped them improve their writing
  • 75% of the elementary school students felt good about their writing.

Community Voices

“[I think writing letters helped me] Write a detailed letter.”
–5th Grade student at Anne Darling Elementary School

“[I think writing letters helped improve my writing] Because I learned to write more different words.”
–5th Grade Student at Anne Darling Elementary School

“[I think writing letters helped improve my writing] Because it helped me write a personal narrative.”
–5th Grade Student at Anne Darling Elementary School