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Money Matters teaches financial management to low-income community members and helps them gain control of their finances, reduce their debt, and save money to meet future goals. This year’s program provided workshops to three San José groups: neighborhood residents in local underserved communities, elementary school children in the surrounding downtown area, andSan José State University students. Interactive workshops were facilitated by SJSU business students enrolled in finance courses and designed in collaboration with corporate volunteers. Children ranging from 1st through 5th grade students at Selma Olinder Elementary School were introduced to basic financial topics such as credit, earning power, saving, and smart budgeting. The workshop for SJSU students was designed in collaboration with SJSU’s Financial Aid office in which students were given a student-run presentation on a series of finance basics. Led by Cathay Bank, residents from a San José community housing program learned about finance concepts including credit card debt and budgeting. Participants were engaged during a two week period to test the program’s impact on their daily money management activities and report on their successes.


By the Numbers | 2016-17

13 SJSU students engaged

78 residents engaged

95 hours of service

$2,293 value


Project Impact

65% of child participants indicated the program helped them understand what money is adn learn the difference between needs and wants

17 children reported they learned how to save money

SJSU students gained important knowledge on the concept of credit and how to create balance sheets for their personal finances

The SJSU Financial Aid & Scholarship Office workshop provided students with key information on the process of obtaining and paying student loans

Residents learned best practices for establishing and maintaining a desirable personal cash flow. Participants also learned how to better approach credit card debt andmanaging a personal budget

Community Voices

“[Money Matters taught me that] I can save for college!”
–5th grade Olinder Elementary School student

“You should save money and keep it for something you need [rather than just want].”
–4th grade Olinder Elementary School student