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Central San José communities face challenges in developing neighborhood leadership. The Community Leadership Program seeks to create a pipeline of emerging leaders to become ambassadors and advocates for the communities in which they live. CLP provides an opportunity for leaders throughout Central San José to meet each other in structured workshops with SJSU students to discuss solutions to similar issues. Becoming a leader in a challenged community requires proficiency in particular skills. Led by SJSU anthropology Professor A.J. Faas, neighborhood participants attended a series of weekly facilitation workshops conducted in Spanish to acquire the necessary skills and resources to drive their community building efforts. Workshop topics included community emergency plans, affordable housing, children’s education, neighborhood, safety and community building.

By the Numbers | 2016-17

3 SJSU students engaged

13 residents engaged

150 hours of service

$3,621 value

Project Impact

100% of participants reported they will use what they learned from CLP to improve their community

100% of participants indicated they now feel more responsible in being a leader for their community

92% of participants felt that the program improved their preparedness to recruit members of the community

76% of participants now feel they are prepared to discuss topics and ask questions

Community Voices

“[Yo aprendÍ a] tener interaciones y conversaciones con otras personas. AprendÍ como tomar notas y capturar procesos y conclusiones.” ([I learned] how to have interactions and conversations with other people. I learned how to take notes and capture processes and draw conclusions.”)
–CLP Participant

“Hay muchas cosas que ayudan nuestra communidad y es importante trabajar con otras para buscar soluciones.” (There are so many things I have learned [in this program] about how to help the community and how important it is to work with others to find solutions.”)
–CLP Participant

“[Yo aprendí] como desarrollar las preguntas educadamente. [Yo aprendí] como dejar mi opinión aparte y escuchar para saber las necesidades y opinones para poder hacer los análisis.” ([I learned] how to ask educated questions. [I learned] how to leave my opinions and biases behind in order to focus on needs and analyze them.”)
–CLP Participant