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*This project is currently not active for 2017

CommUniverCity believes that access to nature is a vital component of any healthy urban setting. We strive to educate the residents of downtown San José on the importance of revitalizing Coyote Creek from both a social and an ecological perspective. First, we organized an Earth Day walk for fifth graders at Olinder Elementary, where the children were able to expand their knowledge and understanding of their neighborhood’s ecosystem. Next, we led residents of all ages on a two-hour tour of the waterway. The event aimed to help all members of the community understand that Coyote Creek is an integral part of the natural habit in San José. Since the creek bisects three neighborhoods and two large parks, it also has the potential to act as a source of pride and identity for the people who live along its banks.

By The Numbers | 2014-15

68 student hand prints

 113 community members

3 vibrant neighborhoods

1 beautiful creek

Project Impact

The neighborhood Nature Walk attracted over 40 participants, many of whom readily interacted with the different community organization representatives as well as with their neighbors. The event appeared to have a discernable impact on people’s understanding of what Coyote Creek has to offer, and how they can engage with this waterway. The children who attended the Earth Day event were able to learn about the creek in creative ways, through a series of learning stations which hosted half hour activities on a variety of topics. One of the stations gave children the opportunity to create art pieces by creating the world with their hand print. They were then asked to write a promise on how they could help the environment. Another station focused on learning about water conservation at the Water District’s outdoor classroom across the street from Olinder Park. They used a water measuring kit to gauge the chemical content of the water. All in all, residents of all ages were able to understand and re-discover their own backyards in a fun and communal way.

Community Voices

“I would like to take my dog here more often to enjoy the beautiful greenery that is offered.”


“Thanks for the field trip it was really fun. I loved everything about it, but the best part was the arts and crafts station.”                        

5th grade participant