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Downtown business owners are continually challenged with numerous issues such as homelessness, gang activity, and traffic issues that deter customers and reduce profits. Through Marketing Smarts, Professor John Delacruz and his Campaigns Management (ADV 129) students offer local businesses marketing consultations to improve their visibility and revenue. Students benefit by gaining real-life consulting experience. At the end of the semester, SJSU students presented their marketing strategies to six judges. Their presentations highlighted examples of merchandise designs, social media posts, website designs, and campaign books.

By the Numbers | 2019-20

27 SJSU students engaged

33 Residents engaged

2,300 hours of service

$58,489 value

Project Impact

100% of clients reported they gained knowledge about advertising as a result of collaborating with SJSU Advertising students

88% of businesses felt confident trying out Adobe products through Advertising Campaigns & Marketing Smarts

100% of SJSU students feel that what they learned in the ADV 129 class helped them understand how their major can serve a societal need

Community Stories

“I just love that our color scheme and everything is automatically synced up so we can have effortless brand continuity.”

–Aubrey Bowen, Filomena Farms Director of Communications

“Thank you all for your work in helping us with great ideas and teaching us different tools and getting our own creative juices flowing!”

–Sami Monsur, Filomena Farms Executive Director

“I was able to use my knowledge in design to create visually appealing content for our client and get a better understanding of the right visual contents that highlight the true ideal values of my client.”

–Omar Shokry, SJSU Marketing student


In previous Marketing Smarts semesters…

Watch Laurel, a SJSU student and Aurelia, a local Zumba instructor, talk about their collaboration together within the Marketing Smarts program.