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College Day: Superheroes Fight for Education!

College Day inspires youth everywhere to attend college. Every year, Santa Clara County’s College Day seeks to celebrate, promote, and inspire a college-going culture in underserved communities. Adults who want to share their experiences visit and speak to classrooms. They discuss their lessons, successes, and motivation for wanting their audiences to pursue a continued or higher education.

Community volunteers and SJSU students can sign up to share their college journey with Santa Clara County’s k-12 schools. You can inspire the next generation and help them chart their path to success! To share your learned lessons and college experience, click here to sign up today!

Interactive activities are available at https://svefoundation.org/college-day-resources/  
Don’t forget to visit the College Day Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CollegeDaySCC/

This year, CommUniverCity will be hosting the following workshops at 10am:

 Young Entrepreneurs Academy – Tuesday, 10/20 – Watch here!

What’s your big idea? SJSU students will inspire you on a journey of generating an innovative idea and building your own successful company with that idea. Are you ready?? 

Secure your digital future – Wednesday, 10/21 Watch here! 

Cybersecurity, Hacking, and Automation. How have these changed up to today, how will they change in the future, and is it a secure industry for a long term career? After watching, let us know your thoughts here! 

Engineering in Action – Thursday, 10/22 – Watch here! 

How does it work? You connect magnets to hold something together, but what is the science behind making it stick? Learn about this and more. After watching, let us know your thoughts here!

Q: What career would Spiderman choose?

A: A web developer – Secure your digital future!

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By the Numbers | 2019-20

70 SJSU students engaged

1,000 residents engaged

700 hours of service

$18,055 value

Project Impact

  • More than 1,000 students heard the message about attending college
  • Main project benefits (based on 298 comments): an increase in school spirit and community around shared higher education goals (23%), providing k-12 students with role models (20%), and providing k-12 students with “aspirational motivation” (18%)

Community Voices

Mary Perez brought her daughter to the College Day Gives You ALAS Conference to learn how to fill out college applications and financial aid forms, with the hope that she’ll attend San José State next year. “I want her to get an education, get a degree and a good job so that she can succeed.”

“My parents never gave me money for school but they gave me something more: that’s
to believe in myself.”
–José Hernandez, NASA Astronaut, Keynote Speaker of the College Day Gives You ALAS Conference