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We believe that we can increase the production, consumption, education and access to healthy, affordable fresh, local foods. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining neighborhood food system in the Five Wounds Brookwood Terrace (FWBT) community in Central San José, where each resident has a community or shared garden within a quarter mile of their home.

Here’s how to join us

Become an engaged CommUniverCitan dedicated to increasing access to fresh, affordable, and healthy foods in our neighborhoods. Sign up to volunteer at our weekly fruit picking at 9am every Saturday by visiting the Garden to Table calendar.

Also, stay tuned for our April 12th Sustainability Fair, an event with games, prizes, and opportunities to learn simply ways to eat healthier and live more sustainably.

Growing Sustainably currently has three projects:

  1. Nutrition and Cooking Classes
  2. Gardening Education
  3. Neighborhood Fruit Tree Sharing


 Nutrition and Cooking Workshops

We teach cooking workshops–Cooking Matters—to elementary school children, which focuses on preparing culturally relevant meals using seasonal, fresh foods. These workshops are offered in Spanish, and focus on connecting families with healthy food on a limited budget. During each class, our youth first learn about basic nutrition principles, and then prepare a tasty, healthy meal.

Planting Community Gardens

Gardening Education

We work with 3rd-5th grade students from Horace Mann Elementary School to teach them the joy of growing vegetables in an after-school program. This gardening education program, based on the “seed-to-table” integrated perspective, focuses on gardening, waste management, and agricultural systems.

Gleans (“Piscas”)

We make a tangible impact by harvesting over 1,500 lbs of fruit per month, all from neighborhood trees. The collected produce is distributed to families in need through the Olinder Food Program and Five Wounds Church. The fruits and vegetables collected through gleaning complement the weekly food basket for the families with fresh, healthy produce.

Garden to Table

CommUniverCity’s urban agriculture efforts have spearheaded Garden to Table (www.garden2table.org), a non-profit organization dedicated to building a local, sustainable food system.