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Planning for East Santa Clara

The City of San Jose Planning Division is currently partnering with CommUniverCity, SJSU Planning Students, and the community to draft a Plan for the East Santa Clara Street Urban Village. This Urban Village Plan is focused on meeting future jobs and housing needs of the City while also improving public spaces like streets, sidewalks, and parks, in keeping with the 2040 General Plan. Creating a Plan that allows this area to meet these goals will help bring more vibrancy to the area and bring more people closer to desirable amenities and jobs.

However, we cannot do this alone. Please leave your comments on the map below. Your feedback is an essential part of our process, and your thoughts will be transmitted directly to the city planners.

Give us your Feedback!

San José wants to engage local neighborhoods and residents through this Urban Village process. One way they are doing this is by soliciting comments through Trimble Feedback. Trimble Feedback is an online tool that lets you add comments to specific areas within the East Santa Clara Urban Village.

Do you have a comment about current conditions in the area? Or do you have thoughts for what the future of this area could hold? Trimble feedback lets you communicate these comments to the City from the convenience of your own computer. Simply select one of the categories and let the city know what you think – you can even draw a point, line, or shape directly onto the map.

Click here to post a comment through Trimble Feedback.