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We are a unique partnership between underserved communities in Central San José, San José State University and the City of San José

Join Us! You can make a difference as a student, as faculty or as a community member, by volunteering, teaching, or donating


In Spanish 102A class, Culture of Spain, we are looking for Spaniards to interview them and learn more stories on immigration and diversity. Prof. Francisco de la Calle’s students will tell, like new troubadours, those stories of men and women who travelled with a one-way ticket and made their little Seville, or their little Madrid, in San José. In their luggage, they carried a Don Quijote, a flamenco guitar, or an old photo of their parents posing with Picasso. Stay tuned to learn more about this seed of project for the TWBI (two-way bilingual immersion) program of our local schools, and refresh your Spanish!


Egg Hunters are almost ready for a intense day on Sunday April 17 in District 3. Stay tuned!

On Cinco de Mayo, San José State University Interim President will be in our commUniverCity tent -it will be sunny.- outside Clark Hall. That is an casual and extraordinary opportunity to meet Dr. Steven Perez and to learn about engage-learn-build and our community. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


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    Every other year, CommUniverCity holds a huge event called “Celebrating Partnerships,” where core partners of the organization come together to take a grand look at active projects that CommUniverCity has been maintaining or is involved in. This past Thursday on May 5th, in which some of you know as Cinco de Mayo, CommUniverCity their […]

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