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Urban Open Space Dreams for the Heart of San José

Author: Nicole Solis, Communications Specialist

In a space once known as “The Jungle” for homeless encampments near Story Road of San José, is now a site aimed for a revitalized accessible urban park and trail by the Coyote Meadows Coalition. Reaching about 50 acres, the space was a former landfill and mitigation site. After efforts to tackle its use as the former largest homeless encampment in San José, surrounding residents are hopeful for an urban open space park with connective trails.

“To create an accessible urban open space park called Coyote Meadows in the heart of San José and to establish a culture of community ownership.”– Vision Statement, Coyote Meadows Coalition

The Dream Team

The Coyote Meadows Coalition formed to develop an urban open space stewardship project. Strong support for the project includes various organizations and community members like CommUniverCity, Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, and Friends of Five Wounds Trail. By enacting a community stewardship project, Coyote Meadows can serve many needs identified by the community. Possible plans for proposals include trail connectivity, low-impact park uses, open space preservation, and enhancing the natural creek for wildlife and plants.

The Site

The open space, named as “Coyote Meadows” in a proposed development, is visible from the I-280 freeway and currently leases about 6 acres to a local radio station for antenna towers. Trail lovers are proposing that the site establish trail connectivity with Five Wounds Trail, Coyote Creek Trail, and Three Creeks Trail. Construction on the Coyote Creek Trail behind Kelly Park begins in the Spring of 2017.


The Meeting

Last night at the Coyote Meadows Meeting, San José Director of Parks Angel Rios identified some of the challenges in creating the new greenprint plans for Coyote Meadows. The strategic plan will require strong political will, agressive public/private investments, compromise between all stakeholders, and facilitation of “place making” at parks. He advised that the City of San José is conducting a Greenprint Update to guide future development of parks in which you can share your thoughts and recommendations in their survey. Increasing access to the space will play a role in allowing surrounding community to take ownership of the site and create new uses for it.








The Coalition has teamed up with students from San José State University to conduct research for community-based participation, data collection, and assessing community assets and deficits.

Be Heard!

Coyote Meadows is a huge opportunity for big ideas and big proposals. You have the chance to give your input on recreating this open space to serve the needs of your family and community. To learn more about the Coyote Meadows Coalition and revitalizing the urban open space park, send an email to to join the email list and view updated information on


The Coyote Meadows project is supported by the following: CommUniverCity, Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, Friends of Five Wounds Trail, Happy Hollow Foundation, San José City Councilmember Tam Nguyen, Friends of Three Creeks Trail, Save Our Trails, Five Wounds Brookwood Terrace NAC, San José Parks Foundation, Rita Torres and Aurelia Sanchez

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