Joven Noble: A Youth Leadership Program

Author: Ariel Jimenez

Joven Noble is a rite of passage youth leadership group which focuses on life skills. It allows youth to process the traumas of life, and assists them with the transition into manhood. Joven Noble used the “Joven Noble con Palabra” Curriculum and Philosophy, written by Jerry Tello, which acknowledges all participants as positive assets to their community, accepting them without judgment, and supporting them through a development process of personal growth.

This past fall semester,  we worked with 6 different campuses within the San Jose area and conducted a youth group at the McKinley Neighborhood Center. At the end of the semester we served a total of 126 youth within our community!  All of the youth that we worked with appreciated the services and actively participated, and we are extremely proud of them all!

Mario Garcia is a youth from our McKinley group who has now received enough credits to graduate from High School. He has completed all of his tasks, and will now cross the stage in June. We are proud that he was able to accomplish a tremendous goal.

Adam Bolanos is a youth at our Foothill High School who has taken a positive step forward. He took probation seriously and started focusing on his school work. We are proud to announce that he is currently passing all of his classes and has successfully completed his probation.

Lastly, Angel Herrera is a youth that attends our Yerba Buena High School. He initially struggled with truancy issues but was able to turn his attendance around and complete all of his missing assignments. We are furthermore pleased to announce that he has been accepted into Cal Poly Pomona. As of this posting, he is still deciding on what college he wants to attend next year.

We are proud of all our youth and the efforts they are making as they cross the Bridge into Adulthood. All My Relations!


Photo Credit: Ariel Jimenez

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