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Vote for The Health Trust, Help Them Increase Fresh Food Access!


This year CommUniverCity recognized the Health Trust with our Golden Brick Award for their efforts to make Silicon Valley the healthiest place to live. And now you have a chance to support them as well!

To support their efforts to increase fresh food access, vote for The Health Trust in the Google Bay Area Impact Challenge!

The Health Trust has been chosen as one of the top ten finalists for their plan to create new distribution channels for affordable produce. This program expands street vendors, corner stores, and farmers’ markets for underserved areas. Over two years, The Health Trust will distribute 50,000 pounds of produce to 10,000 low-income residents in Santa Clara County!

We are excited that one of our partners has been selected as a top ten finalist. Help them increase fresh food access to all those that live in Silicon Valley by voting now!

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