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Your support makes our programs possible. Here is our wish list:


Office Supplies

  1. Ink cartridges for Epson Stylus CX4800 printer
  2. Ink cartridges for Epson Workforce 545 printer
  3. Toner for HP Laser Jet 4250n printer
  4. Toner for Ricoh Aficio MP 4000 printer
  5. Ergonomic computer desk chairs
  6. Projector
  7. Desktop computers (Windows or MAC OS)
  8. Lightweight laptops or tablets (for site visits)
  9. 5 wireless mouse
  10. Lightweight and compact printers
  11. White printer and copy paper
  12. Color printer/copy paper, size 8 1/2″ x 11″
  13. Card stock (lime green and orange)
  14. Lightweight fax machine
  15. Professional volunteer time e.g. sustainable carpet cleaning service, website administration, videography, photography, etc.
  16. Energy efficient microwave
  17. Energy efficient Top-Freezer refrigerator
  18. Sustainable, natural dish washing soap/liquid
  19. Sustainable, natural cleaning supplies e.g. counter cleaner, keyboard cleaner
  20. Office supplies
    1. 12 clipboards
    2. Dry Erase boards
    3. Dry Erase markers
    4. Pencils
    5. Pens
    6. White-out tape dispensers
    7. Staples
    8. Paperclips
    9. Post-its
    10. Rulers
    11. Notebooks
    12. Notepads
    13. Magnets
    14. Pocket folders
  21. Dry-erase monthly wall calendars


  1. High resolution digital cameras and video cameras
  2. Reusable dinnerware, utensils, cups
  3. Folding chairs
  4. Portable pop-up canopy tents
  5. Lightweight stage (size approximately 8′ x 30′)
  6. Portable microphone system
  7. Projector
  8. Portable projector screen
  9. Portable music player (for mp3, android or iPod connection)
  10. Giveaway prize donations for Safe and Green Halloween.
  • The following suggested donations can be dropped off at CommUniverCity at McKinley Neighborhood Center, 651 Macredes Ave., San José, CA.
  • Please email Greg Currey at Greg@cucsj.org if you have questions about donations for the Safe and Green Halloween prizes.
  1. Healthy Lifestyles: bicycles, bicycle helmets, bicycle u-locks, bicycle lights, skateboards, scooters, etc.
  2. Education: K-12 books, tablets, scientific calculators, test prep books (e.g. SAT, SAT Subject), notebooks, pencils, musical instruments (e.g. guitar, ukelele, keyboard), educational games, wall world atlas maps, color pencils, crayons, paint, oil pastels, etc.
  3. Clothing: warm clothes (all colors except for blue, bright blue, baby blue, maroon, red, bright red), business professional clothes, socks, etc.
  4. Food: food basket from farmer’s market, gift certificates to grocery stores, reusable water bottles, reusable utensil set, seasonal vegetable & herb seed packets, etc.
  5. Skills-building: gift certificates to skills-building workshops such as Tech Shop., etc.

Making an In-Kind Donation

  • The fiscal agent for CommUniverCity San José is the San José State University Tower Foundation, a 501(c)(3).
  • Write “CommUniverCity San José” for “Gift Designation” and “Department” in the Non-Monetary (In-Kind) Gift Intent Form.

Please submit this form to:
San José State University
University Advancement
One Washington Square
San José, CA 95192-0256