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* This project is not currently active for 2017

The  Youth Stem Network ( YSN ) , a program of the J. Pinson STEM Education Program at SJSU, provides hands-on activities related to technology and sustainability to underrepresented youth. We place instructors within different after-school programs throughout central San José, and then provide the students withengaging, topical projects such as building a solar powered car and creating computer games and animations that teach kids how to stay safe online. YSN introduces young learners to the inner workings of circuits, motors, batteries, and renewable energy technologies. Students also gain practical skills such as soldering, building circuits, and basic programming. These youths do not have regular access to STEM activities, and so our program helps them build confidence and exposure within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

By the Numbers | 2014-15

108 SJSU students engaged
86 residents engaged
594 hours of service
$13,365 value

Project Impact

An exit survey administered to cybersecurity program participants in the spring of 2015 found that of the youth polled:

89% demonstrated a greater understanding of careers in computer science and cybersecurity.

94% demonstrated a clearer understanding of the definition of cybersecurity.

97% were able to successfully generate one or more functional computer games.

100% reported that their SJSU student mentors had a positive impact on their learning.

Community Voices

“The instructors were nice, they made the program fun and interesting.”
–Youth participant

“I want to build buildings and cars when I grow up!”
–Youth participant