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The Tech Collaborative took place at San José High School. SJSU aerospace engineering students presented information on 3-D design, tools and applications. San José High School teacher Paul Durdle’s IB technology class worked to design their own bricks for construction purposes, utilizing their knowledge from presentations and class lectures. At the end of the semester, they received a scaled down prototype of their brick designs printed by the SJSU students.
The Tech Expo is an event that demonstrates various engineering concepts to hundreds of San José High School students in an interactive environment. SJSU engineering student presentation topics included aerodynamic forces, flow classification, wind tunnels, and pressure drag. Through this project, SJSU students learned how to take complex concepts and make them easy to understand using fun visual demonstrations. San José High School students had a chance to learn about STEM concepts from passionate college students.

By the Numbers | 2016-17

98 SJSU students engaged

586 residents engaged

1,094+ hours of service

30 bricks 3D printed

Project Impact

  • 95% of the Tech Collaborative respondents indicated that the SJSU student presentations were helpful in providing information on 3D design
  • 41% of Tech Expo participants are likely to pursue a STEM major in college
  • 68% of the Tech Collaborative students stated that their interactions with the SJSU students were helpful in supplementing the learning material in their IB Technology course
  • 96% of Tech Expo participants agree that they learned something new about technology
  • 91% of Tech Expo participants reported they are now planning to attend college

Community Voices

“From the start, my aim hasn’t necessarily been to pursue a science path. However, after
learning a few things from the [SJSU] students, I can see myself leaning towards product
design. It has inspired me [to pursue a college degree in science or engineering].”
–San José High School student, Tech Collaborative

“[I learned] about Bernoulli’s Principle – how air can surround the ball and helps keep it
lifted in air.”
–San José High School student, Tech Expo

“I learned about the difficulties and problems that could potentially arise during the
design process as well as the importance of getting feedback and ideas from peers and
how that plays into the success of your design.”
–San José High School student, Tech Collaborative