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Communication Studies, Social Work, and Business students from SJSU fulfill their community service objective by taking on the role of classroom mentors and tutors for students at local elementary schools. The mentors are given a brief orientation and introduced to the teacher for whom they will be mentoring. Mentors also engage in weekly seminars to discuss issues of race, poverty, equality, social justice, gaps in education, and cultural identity. This helps mentors better understand their mentees, and allows them to build meaningful relationships with the students they guide. Many SJSU Mentors are interested in going on to become teachers. making this an invaluable experience that will influence their future careers.

By the Numbers | 2014-15

34 SJSU students engaged
680 residents engaged
1,700 hours of service
$38,250 value

Project Impact

Mentored students felt motivated to overcome their linguistic or cultural barriers, and having a ‘college friend’ helped strengthen and humanize their dreams of goal to college. Teachers loved having the extra help. This is a school where a vast majority of students are English language learners; having the one-on-one help eased the stress for teachers who often feel conflicted and overwhelmed about which students to assist. Mentors were invited to events outside of the school to learn about CommUniverCity’s holistic approach to bringing communities together. One mentor exclaimed that this approach was “the most beautiful thing to me about CommUniverCity.” In an exit survey, 100% of the mentors reported that they would absolutely enroll in the class again if their schedule allowed.

Community Voices

“My favorite part of this by far has been working with the children…they are some great kids and I love seeing them benefit from my help.”
–SJSU Mentor

“This has helped me become a more aware social worker. My understanding and empathy are two of the main skills that were improved… I learned about different resources that I did not know existed. All the information you provided is valuable and will be used in my career as a social worker. Thank you very much for all the support you provided me during this phase of my education.”
–SJSU Mentor